The No Salaryman

Japan. Land of the rising sun, technical excellence, big boobs.

When Chester La Rochelle arrived in Japan with a TEFL book in hand and a dream in his heart, he had no idea he would end up in a hick town without a Starbucks. The school he has been assigned to is dark and decrepit, his co-workers borderline sociopaths, and the company he’s working for a cruel money-making monolith. Yet Chester finds happiness and falls for a Filipino hostess called Maria.

His idyll does not last for long after a run-in with his arch nemesis: Genjo, a three-year-old with a penchant for ankle biting. Chester soon finds himself trapped in a Kafka-esque nightmare where he must make the right kind of apology to Genjo’s parents. Saying sorry really is the hardest word.

The No Salaryman is a comedy for anyone who has travelled to a far-flung place and discovered that the best way to learn is to teach.